ladybugflat KOOL Toys. Wednesday 11 17 2010

How can you not love these…they’re a stuffed animal, they’re a pillow, they’re a stuffed animal, they’re a pillow.

Few things compare to the comfort and companionship of a soft, cuddly stuffed animal. PILLOW PETS plush folding stuffed animals add true function to that warm and wonderful feeling by combining the security of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a pillow.                        
An ideal naptime companion – not to mention a friend on your road trips or airplane rides.                        

These are stuffed animal version of Transformers. Close the strap across their bellies and you have friendly, comforting pets. Open the strap and the pet becomes a comfortable pillow!  

Get a jump on your holiday shopping by  joining Maria Knight on Black Friday at The Outlets at Anthem…YEAH SHOPPING!


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