It Has A Ring To It…

dianas engagement ring It Has A Ring To It...

Look familiar?  This was Princess Diana‘s engagement ring from Prince Charles back in 1981.  Now, it’s been passed onto another generation through Prince William & Kate Middleton.  How many months salary do you think THAT puppy is worth?  

(Courtesy of Fox News)

The engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by her fiancé, Prince William, belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.

The ring is the stunning 18 carat blue sapphire and diamond ring his father, the Prince of Wales, gave his mother in February of 1981.

In an interview with Fox News, Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell said the ring will be introduced to a new generation through Kate Middleton.

The wedding is set to take place next spring or summer in London. According to several reports, Prince William asked for Middleton’s hand in marriage while the two vacationed in Kenya.

Middleton’s family says they are absolutely thrilled at the engagement news of their daughter to Prince William.

“I would just like to say that Carole and I are absolutely delighted by today’s announcement and thrilled by the prospect of a wedding sometime next year,” Kate Middleton’s father Michael Middleton said Tuesday.

“As you know Catherine and Prince William have been going out for quite a number of years, which is great for us because we have got to know William very well. We think he’s wonderful and we’re extremely fond of him.”

Kate Middleton and Prince Williiam, both 28, have been dating for eight years. They met when they were both attending St. Andrews University.


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  1. Kate says:

    I think Kate is beautiful and wish them the best. It can’t be easy to be in the royal family. I do laugh a little though when they describe her as middle class when her parents are financially well off.

    1. I respect Prince William, as he is actually getting things done. He could just live the life without lifting a finger. But, he has a great work ethic. Thanks for the post, Kate!

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