sale Massive Price Wars Are About To Begin!


Good News: Major Retailers Are Entering Into A Massive Price War To Try To Sell Toys This Holiday Season.  Four of the biggest toy retailers in the country are already getting into a MASSIVE price war . . . with each of them trying to provide the best deals and get your business this holiday season.
TARGET.  They’re already putting half of their 2,000 toys on sale this year, an increase of 10% from last year.  They’re also pushing their Target credit and debit cards, which give an extra 5% off . . . something no one else is offering.

WAL-MART.  They’ve basically gone through Target’s prices and made sure all of their prices are lower . . . even if it’s just by a few pennies.  They’re also focusing on bigger cuts on some of the most popular toys.

TOYS “R” US.  They’re stocking a wider variety of toys than ever . . . offering free shipping deals online . . . and offering up to 10% back on holiday purchases over $500 if you join their loyalty program.  The 10% back is in store credit, not cash.

 —AMAZON.COM.  Throughout the holiday season they’re going to be offering 25% off different toys . . . it will change regularly.  They also offer free shipping on all of the toys they stock.  Let the shopping begin.


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