airplane seatbelt Buckle Up...New Jobs!

If you can buckle a seatbelt – AND explain it clearly – there just may be a job for you in 2011 with US Airways!

Before my friends in the airline industry take my head off, I was just joking with the seatbelt crack!  Believe me, anyone who’s spent ANY time on a plane knows it takes FAR more to do the job of a flight attendant.  I, for one, don’t have that kind of patience!

(Courtesy of the Associated Press)

US Airways says it will need 500 flight attendants and pilots next year mostly to cover planned retirements and attrition.

US Airways Group Inc. said Monday it will offer the jobs to furloughed employees first and then hire from outside the company.

Most of the new and returning employees will be flying by July.

// The plan is to fill 420 flight attendant openings and 80 pilot spots.

After the recall, the Tempe, Ariz., airline will have up to 100 pilots on furlough, but no more flight attendants on that list.

When the process is complete, the airline will have about 4,970 active pilots and 7,300 active flight attendants. US Airways plans to add seats internationally next year but keep domestic numbers flat.


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