Don’t Touch Your Clocks!!!

lighting daylightsavings Dont Touch Your Clocks!!!
At two-am on Sunday, Daylight Savings Time goes into effect.  MOST of the country, except Arizona and the Eastern most part of Indiana, will set their clocks back one hour and get to enjoy an extra hour of sleep.


One Comment

  1. gary says:

    dores this effect NEW JERSEY?

  2. oldiesfan6479 says:

    Sorry Maria, but you goofed a bit on the states. It’s Arizona and Hawaii that do not observe Daylight-Saving Time.

    Indiana finally got its act together in 2006 when the Eastern zone part started observing DST. Now if we can only get all of IN moved into the Central Time Zone where it belongs.

    Yeah, I’m a time geek (and proud of it).

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