Headed To The Movies This Weekend?

movie Headed To The Movies This Weekend?

Going To The Movies

Matt Damon’s “Hereafter” Is Up Against “Paranormal Activity 2”

#1.)  “Paranormal Activity 2”  (R)

It turns out that the sequel to last year’s surprise hit is actually a prequel.  This time the action takes place at the home of Katie’s sister and her unsuspecting husband.  And since it’s a prequel, Katie’s back too.

 The movie opens a few months before the events of the first “Paranormal Activity”, but it eventually catches up to the present.  Meaning fans of the first film will also get a little more insight into what happened after the first movie ended.

#2.)  “Hereafter”  (PG-13)

 Clint Eastwood’s new movie has Matt Damon as a reluctant psychic trying to lead a normal life, despite being able to talk to the dead.  Comedian Jay Mohr plays his older brother and Bryce Dallas Howard plays a woman that Matt Damon is dating.

 There’s also a French chick who survives a tsunami, and a British boy whose twin dies in a car crash.  The storylines eventually come together, presumably with Matt Damon embracing his gift and bringing everyone inner peace.  Or something.


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