beatles 1967 color1 Which Beatle Are You?
The Beatles were famous for being a group made up of very distinct character types: There’s the cute one, the quiet one … you know the rest.
You can take the fab Beatles personality quiz and find out if you’re most like John, Paul, George or Ringo.

Maria was most like Ringo Starr.

Click HERE to take the quiz!  THEN tell us in the comments who you were…

Comments (5)
  1. Tom Peake says:

    I took your little test, and I gotta say Maria, it’s a bunch of hooey! I’m sure that I am more like Paul, but your “Which Beatle Are You” bogus test said that I was more like John Hooey!!!!!!

  2. michelle pickle says:

    tom l do not know what l am doiing so l did not vote sorry my friend l hope you and maria not picking on each other .your friend michelle

  3. It would appear I am George Harrison. So, I may not show up for my show at 9am. Sorry!

  4. Took the test and I’m Ringo. ( I certainly have the nose for it.)
    Great find Maria.

  5. michelle pickle says:

    Tom and Maria l think l am more like paul just like you tom l took the test l did my best . your friend michelle

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