Here’s What The Loudspeaker Codes At Wal-Mart Mean

wal mart logo Heres What The Loudspeaker Codes At Wal Mart Mean asked former employees of Kmart, Wal-Mart, and other department stores to explain the color-coded messages they sometimes say over the loudspeaker.  They vary from store to store…

#1.)  CODE RED.  It means there is, or was, a fire somewhere in the store.  If they’re not telling you about it, you probably don’t need to know.  But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for smoke before you keep shopping.

#2.)  CODE ORANGE.  It means there’s been a chemical spill.

#3.)  CODE BLACK.  It means there’s some sort of severe weather event going on.

#4.)  CODE BLUE.  Don’t confuse it with a “Blue Light Special.”  “Code Blue” means there’s a BOMB in the building.

 #5.)  CODE BROWN.  Means there’s either been a shooting, or there’s a hostage situation .

 #6.)  CODE YELLOW.   means a CHILD had an “accident.”


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