kaucs32 1 rev $650,000 In Singles?

I haven’t set foot in a strip club since I was 21 years old.  I learned very early in life that  – much like Vegas – the house ALWAYS wins!  Had I known it was possible to walk out with over half a million dollars, maybe I’d change my tune.  Yes, that happened to a guy!  And, he DIDN’T rob the joint.

(Courtesy of the Associated Press)

A South Florida attorney says his client will get $650,000 after a dancer’s platform shoe shattered his eye socket at a strip club.

Attorney Lake Lytal III says the Cheetah club’s insurance company agreed earlier this month to pay Michael Ireland for the injury.

Lytal says Ireland has had eye problems since the 2008 incident at the West Palm Beach club.

He says the dancer claimed in a deposition she was walking on the bar, felt someone touch her and swung around. Lytal says her metal heel went into Ireland’s eye socket and shattered it, requiring extensive surgery.

The Cheetah club wouldn’t comment. The insurance company didn’t immediately return a phone message.


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