Streaking Pays!

obama streaker Streaking Pays!

Wanna make $1 million…the easy way?  It’s simple!  Take off your clothes and streak the President!  That’s what Juan James Rodriguez did in Philly this weekend.

(Courtesy of CBS News)

A 24-year-old man who streaked at a rally in front of President Obama on Sunday may have a big payout headed his way.

Juan James Rodriguez was arrested for public nudity at the rally in Philadelphia on Sunday with “Battlecam” scrawled across his chest. Watch video of Rodriguez at left.

Rodriguez reportedly pulled off the stunt in response to a challenge from billionaire Alki David, who promised to pay $1 million to the first person to streak in front of the president.

David told the Weekly Standard that Rodriguez will get his money if he confirms what happened.

“When I see the video and it’s confirmed…it won’t be [a] check [that Rodriguez receives], it will be cash,” he said.

David told the magazine that in order to win the cash, the streaker had to be within “eye-shot and ear shot of the president” as well as scream the name of his website six times. And, of course, be nude.

At the same rally, a man threw a book at Mr. Obama while the president was on stage waving to the crowd. The book missed the president, and the Secret Service later said it had been thrown by an over-exuberant fan and didn’t represent a threat.


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