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New CDs and DVDs are released every Tuesday.  Pay attention…there’s a great one out today!  “Ladies & Gentlemen The [lastfm]Rolling Stones[/lastfm]” has been re-mastered and re-released on DVD & Blue Ray. 

(Courtesy of Glen Boyd – BlogCritics.org)

When you’ve been together as long as the Rolling Stones, it’s inevitable that there are going to be a ton of live concert films and albums released along the way. In the Stones case, there’s even more out there than most.

These range from genuine classics like Get Your Ya Yas Out and great concert films like the Maysles Brothers’ Gimme Shelter and Martin Scorsese’s Shine A Light, to the out and out awful — anybody remember Love You Live?

Lying somewhere in between these two extremes, are a string of mostly forgettable concert films like the 1981 Stones tour document Lets Spend The Night Together.

But with all due respect to Martin Scorsese and the Maysles Brothers, the long out-of-print 1974 film Ladies And Gentlemen The Rolling Stones may be the best pure live Rolling Stones concert document of them all. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Eagle Rock, this long-lost document of the Stones barnstorming 1972 American tour has not only been found, but fully restored and digitally remastered to its original glory.

Ladies And Gentleman The Rolling Stones captures the Stones at the height of their popularity and at the peak of their powers as a live band during their Exile On Main Street tour of America in 1972. Recorded over the course of four shows in Texas during that tour, the film was briefly seen in a limited theatrical release two years later, but has long since disappeared off the radar. Why is anyone’s guess, especially after seeing it now, some three decades later.


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