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Fulton Homes Be KOOL, Stay In School

94.5 KOOL-FM has teamed up again with Fulton Homes for the “Fulton Homes Be KOOL, Stay In School” program to help underprivileged kids with scholarships.  Congratulations to Dominique Williams our backpack winner this morning, and now Dominique is in the running for one-fo-three $4,000 scholarships from Fulton Homes.

About two years ago i escaped a very tramatizing life in san dimas 
california. In california i was abused for five years. The person who 
i trusted was my grandmother. My mom would not listen to me when i 
said she abused me. When my mom say she hit me my mom thought a spank 
on the butt but it wasnt just a smack on the butt it was fat lips 
brusies on my arms and legs and also my stomach and chest area. I also 
had to deal withmental abuse. Every time my parents would fight she 
would say that it was all our fault. My grandmother is a crack addict. 
from the time my five year old brother was about three months old till 
he was three he was abused and endured second hand smoke. I know what 
you are thinking why would your mom let this happen but you need to 
understand My grandmorher was a great lier she told my mom everything 
she wanted to hear. After we told my mom my dad left and called his 
daughters me and my sister gabby liers and that we were never going to 
be apart of the family. shortly after i told her we moved to arizona . 
Ever since the move i have had dreams about her finding us. my name is 
dominique williams i am a seventh grader at willis junior high school 
in chandler and that is my story

img 0781 After Hearing This, I Feel Very Blessed


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