Free Flu Shots For Veterans

va Free Flu Shots For VeteransI wanted to pass on this info about free flu shots at the VA hospital for our veterans.

Flu (influenza) season is here and VA encourages all eligible Veterans to get their free flu shot, to help prevent the flu.

Who is eligible to get a free flu shot?  Veterans must fall into the eligible category for provision of health care services established by Congress.  The majority of Veterans who currently come to VA for their health care will meet the free flu shot criteria.  This year participants will receive a 2010 VA Salute to Our Veterans calendar. For eligible Veterans free flu shots will be offered as follows:

* Flu shots at the main hospital Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until noon and 1 to 3 the Ambulatory Care Clinic hallway.
* All providers can provide a flu shot at a patient’s regularly scheduled appointment.
* Community Based Clinics:  All providers will also be able to provide a flu shot at a patient’s regularly scheduled primary care appointments or as a walk in patient at any of our VA Health Care Clinics.

This year’s flu shot has a strain to help prevent the H1N1 flu.  Last year, two separate shots were needed, one for the regular flu and one for the H1N1.  VA hopes this ease of only having one flu shot will help Veterans obtain this important immunization.

Why should you get vaccinated?  The flu is very contagious.  It is caused by a virus which spreads from people who are infected.  Anyone can get the flu; it can make some people very sick or even cause death.  Certain groups at higher risk for influenza infection or complications should get a flu shot each year. High-risk groups include:

* All persons aged 50 years and older
* People with chronic pulmonary conditions (such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD)
* Those with cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver disease, blood disorders and diabetes
* People with suppressed immune systems

More info: and look for the flu widget. 


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  1. cleve king says:

    Morehead va clinic does’t have flu shot’s now??

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