gmail I Wish I Hadnt Sent That Email


We’ve all had those those “oh no” moments after sending an ill-advised email. However, once you hit ’send’ it’s gone and there’s no getting it back – or is there?

If you’re on Gmail, now there is.  Now a Gmail user has up to 30 seconds to take back that unfortunate message.  In reality, the feature doesn’t actually pull back an email that’s already gone, it simply holds your message for 30 seconds before sending it out – just in case you change your mind.

Enabling this feature is a bit complicated if you’re not familiar with Google Labs, the place where the company lets users test out experiments with Gmail and other Google projects.  And, because this is a testing space, anything in Labs is subject to change.  But, at least for now, here’s how to avoid instant email remorse.

To enable ‘Undo Send’:

1.  Log into Gmail and go to Google Labs.  If you’ve never gone to Labs before, click the word “more” at the top of your screen, then scroll down and click “even more”.

2.  In the column on the right, click “Labs”.  It’s next to the icon of a beaker filled with green stuff.

3.  Click “Gmail Labs” in the column on the right.

4.  Scroll down almost all the way to the bottom until you see “Undo Send.”  Click “enable” and the feature is now on.  Then scroll the rest of the way down and look in the bottom left corner for the “Save Changes” box.  Click it.

5.  Now, go back to the main Gmail page and click “Settings” in the top right.  You should also see your green Labs beaker icon there now – this will let you go straight to Labs from now on.

6.  Scroll down to “Undo Send” – it should be right above “My Picture.”  Your default should be set to 10 seconds.  But you can use the drop-down bar to stretch that to 30 seconds.

7.  Scroll down and hit “Save changes.”

8.  To undo an email, just look for the box at the top of the screen that will have the words “Your message has been sent.”  After that, you should see the “Undo” option.  Click that and you’ll be sent back to the email’s draft form, where you’ll have 30 seconds to edit it or delete it before it goes out.

  1. michelle pickle says:

    tom where did find this g mail? you are sooo funny . but l am so glad we are still friends. michelle

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