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A Company Has Been Officially Licensed To Build And Sell Fully Functioning Replicas Of The Original Batmobile!  We all know ADAM WEST is ‘The One True Batman.’  But there’s one other thing from the ’60s TV show that none of the movies has ever done better:  The original Batmobile.  

The TIM BURTON “Batman” movies had that armor-plated Batmobile that looked kind of like a drag-racer from a hot rod show.  And the CHRISTIAN BALE movies turned it into a tank-like military prototype.  But neither was as pimp as the original.  –And now you can own one:  DC Comics just licensed a company called Fiberglass Freaks to produce exact replicas of the original Batmobile.  But it’s not some kind of movie prop.

Each one is a full-scale, street legal version of the 1966 Batmobile.  And it even comes with the rocket exhaust flame-thrower in the back.   There are two catches:  They’ll only make six a year . . . and each one costs $150,000.  The guy who owns the company . . . Mark Racop . . . has actually been building replicas of the 1966 Batmobile for years, so it’s the official DC Comics license that’s new.  He’s already made 14 cars.  The first one he sold went for $83,500 . . . and was later resold at an auction for $216,000.  So . . . you know . . . think of it as an investment.

  1. WhoKnew says:

    This sucks for all the other builders out there…

    Shame on Racop.

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