Auto Tune YouTube

It seems like everyone and their grandma are warming up their auto-tune plug-ins and wandering to YouTube for prime material to pitch bend into mind-boggling popularity. Remember [lastfm]Antoine Dodson[/lastfm]? He’s the guy from Alabama whose home intruder story was turned into a hit single by YouTube producers, The [lastfm]Gregory Brothers[/lastfm](aka “Auto-Tune The News“) Dubbed the “Bed Intruder” song, the single quickly became a viral hit that even Hayley Williams of [lastfm]Paramore[/lastfm] put her own spin on. Feeling the art of auto-tune, we found ten of our favorite clips brilliantly turned auto-tune.

10. Dude,You Have No Qu’ran
Jacob Isom made headlines after he rescued a Qu’ran before it was burned. Later, while being interviewed by a local news station, Isom said he snatched the holy book followed by the words, “Dude, you have no Quran.” Classic!

9. Chelsea Handler At The 2010 VMAs
At the 2010 MTV VMAs, Chelsea Handler auto-tuned best new artist nominees [lastfm]Jason Derulo[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Ke$ha[/lastfm].


8. I’m Backin’ Up
Auto-tuned by the Gregory Brothers, the “I’m Backin’ Up” story recaps an epic story of a woman who witnessed an armed robbery.

7. [lastfm]Justin Timberlake[/lastfm] and Peyton Manning Sony Pitch
Everyone hates commercials, but when it’s got Justin Timberlake, ping-pong, a keytar and some auto-tune, well–you got our attention!

6. [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] Hit By Water Bottle
Now why would anyone throw a water bottle at Bieber? That’s mean. But, to auto-tune his reaction, “Owe, that didn’t feel good, but I love you guys…” is just cruel people.

5. Best Cry Ever – Auto-Tuned Hip-Hop Remix
It is!

4. Weed. Lesbian Allegaytions.
Another Gregory Brothers classic on the subject of legalizing marijuana in California and gay marriage.

3. Barack Obama Featuring Obama Girl
Obama and Leah Kauffman aka as “Obama Girl” perform a catchy political duet.

2. Charlie Bit Me Auto-Tuned
This clip spawned a million remakes! But this version is the funniest we’ve seen so far.

1. Antoine Dodson – Bed Intruder Remix
Famous words that made Dodson a YouTube sensation. Now let’s all sing along:

“Obviously, we have a rapist in Lincoln Park,” Dodson tells the news. “He’s climbing in your windows. He’s snatching your people up, trying to rape ’em. So you all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, ’cause they’re rapin’ everybody out here.”

Listen to Antoine Dodson & the Gregory Brothers on

Got a favorite video turned auto-tune? Let us know in the comments.  Then come back each week for another awesome list by our friends at’s Top 10.


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