fleetwood mac1 The DJ Music Wars Are Back!

Thank you, Tom Peake, for bringing back the “DJ Music Wars!”  This is where we pick our favorite songs from the KOOL Artist Of The Week.  Then, we’re inevitably criticized by you (and each other) for our tastes in music.  [lastfm]Fleetwood Mac[/lastfm] is in the spotlight this week, and Tom picked “Don’t Stop.”  He also said that “Tusk” was their WORST song.  Tom was obviously booted from his high school band!  I love Tusk.  How many OTHER top 40 hits had a tuba?

I’ve seen Fleetwood Mac in concert about 5 times.  There aren’t many songs I can honestly say I dislike.  But, my favorite is probably “Big Love.”  It’s from Tango In The Night, which was pretty much their last hitmaking album.  There’s something hypnotic about the beat.  See if you agree…


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