beard What A Guys Facial Hair Says About Him

Man Hair

Guys have a ton of options when it comes to facial hair. Whether he likes to go scruffy, clean-shaven or full beard, his choice of “manscaping” can tell a lot about him:

  • Full beard: This style signifies alpha-male status — like the lion presiding over the jungle. But if it’s not well-groomed, the full beard can morph into mountain-man territory.
  • Goatee: This is a mature style better suited to older men. On young guys, it says, “I have something to prove.” On older men, it says, “I’ve earned the right to wear this.”
  • Clean-shaven: The smooth look is nicer for smooching, but bare cheeks just aren’t as sexy. A little stubble makes any guy look more like a man.
  • Sideburns: A rather non-committal style — could signal a guy who’s trying to find himself (not really willing to grow a beard, but testing the waters with sideburns).
  • Moustache: A mustache makes things like eating, grooming and kissing more difficult, so it’s a sign the guy doesn’t shy away from a challenge. (But mustaches can be creepy, too!)
  • Embellished: Braiding or putting beads in your beard could be considered kinda sexy (when Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp does it). But on most guys, it’s just weird.
  • Soul patch: Clearly, not for every man. But you have to appreciate the dedication it takes to trim and maintain that tiny patch of hair below the lower lip.


Just asking … What’s the sexiest look for men’s facial hair? What about the worst?


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