spell check Spel Chek Ok On Hi Skool Test
Oregon seventh-graders and high-school students will now be able to use their computer’s spell check when taking STATE writing tests. 

Their writing is judged on six traits, including organization and sentence fluency. Conventions – which include spelling, capitalization and similar features which spell check and can detect and fix – is the single most important element in a student’s score, with conventions score counted for twice as much as any other trait.
Among the reasons for the change:  “the increasing use of computers with spell checkers for communication in the work place, college, postsecondary training, and the military. ”

In other words, the rest of the world uses spell check; why shouldn’t out students get to?

Listen to what KOOL listeners had to say.  (BTW, we spell KOOL with a K on purpose)

  1. Jos Harrison says:

    I’m old enough to remember when using a calculator in math was cheating (either of you remember that?), so obviously my first reaction to this was a big thumbs down. Then i thought about it a bit more and realized that this could be very useful if some changes are made to the spell checker on the testing system. Imagine if you will that the test administrator receives a report from the spell checker, how many times it was used, how many unique words it was used on, and a list of those words. If it did that, then while it lets the student correct the mistakes, it shows the teacher just what weaknesses that student has, and can be used in the grading of the test. Now that, i could get behind.

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