az cards Whos Going To Start For The Cardinals?

AZ Cards

What a football game Saturday!   Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart each tossed a touchdown and the Arizona Cardinals beat the Chicago Bears, 14-9.
Anderson went 7-for-12  for 94 yards.
Leinart finished the game 9-for-10 with 84 yards.
The Cardinals improved to 2-and-1 in the preseason. 
The Cards wrap up their preseason schedule at home against the Washington Redskins on Thursday.
BUT Coach Ken Whisenhunt hasn’t made an official decision on who will be the starting QB. 

Comments (2)
  1. stork says:

    Matt may have short passes and back down too quickly, but Derek is out of control. He has limited accuracy and like McNabb, has no touch – just a laser beam thru the chest. He didn’t succeed elsewhere, why all of a sudden in Phoenix? Leinart though not my favorite deserves a chance, not a trade which is what will have to happen if benched again!

  2. Wayne Ballard says:

    Matt deserves the chance to play. He has been patient, learned the offense, did his work and during preseason has been very solid. Sure in the first two games the team was not moving the ball very well, however preseason more over assess individual performance in order to make personnell decissions….Matt has out performed Derek – plain and simple

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