Like Shopping? Here’s another Cool App For That!

iphone1 Like Shopping?  Heres another Cool App For That!

There’s A New iPhone App That Detects What Store You Just Walked Into, And Gives You Coupons!

This is either a fantastic way for you to save money . . . or the moment when corporations have officially become Big Brother, monitoring every move we make and every dollar we spend.  Honestly, it could go either way.  

Yesterday, a new, free iPhone app called Shopkick hit the App Store.

–Here’s what it does.  Whenever you enter a store, Shopkick detects your location and instantly sends coupons and deals for that store to your iPhone.

–Of course, it ALSO sends a ton of data back to the company about your buying, spending and shopping habits.  And it KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE at all times.

–Obviously, a LOT of people think Shopkick is going to be a success.  They’ve raised tens of millions of dollars in funding and already have partnerships set up with Best Buy, Macy’s, American Eagle and Sports Authority.

–A marketing rep from Best Buy says they partnered with Shopkick because, quote, “[It] bridges the digital and physical shopping experience.  [We can now] personalize a Best Buy shopping experience from check-in to check-out.”

–Privacy advocates aren’t quite as high on it.  Jeffrey Chester is the director of the Center for Digital Democracy and he says this app basically bribes you to give companies an unlimited amount of personal data.

–Quote, “What appears to be a relatively harmless trade-off of your info for rewards or discounts . . . [actually means] your info can now be instantly obtained and combined with databases about your health, finances and family.”


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