PHP4C677BC945947 How now, black cow?

Moooooovin' out.

Residents of Ahwatukee have been up in arms the last couple months over their new neighbor.  This heifer has been hanging in people’s yards and drinking from their fountains!  Hey hey, I don’t use “heifer” as a derogatory term.  It’s a cow!  And, it’s been caught.

(Courtesy of Cathryn CrenoArizona Republic)

The adventures of a runaway heifer that has been lazing near a South Mountain timeshare and sipping from fountains in Ahwatukee Foothills yards since June came to an end early Saturday.

Laura Oxley, spokeswoman for the Arizona Department of Agriculture, said two cowboys hired by the animal’s owner, Marufjon Ahmedov of southwest Phoenix, had been tracking the heifer since Thursday, when it was spotted by Phoenix police near Knox Road and Warpaint Drive in Ahwatukee.

“They went out very early this morning,” she said. “It took two cowboys and a couple hours to bring her in.”

Friends of Ahmedov who work at his 2-acre farm have described the heifer as “wild.”

Phoenix police were at the scene, said Phoenix police Sgt. Bryant Rockwood, but only because areas residents had called and asked them to check on the large trailer parked in their neighborhood. He said no one was in any danger during the capture.

Oxley said the cowboys roped the heifer about 8 a.m., put her in a trailer and returned her to Ahmedov’s ranch. She said the cowboys declined a request for an interview.

Ahmedov also has not returned requests for a phone call from The Republic. His friends said he is a refugee from Uzbekistan who speaks little English. They said it’s likely he will sell the heifer, which broke down a fence and ran away shortly after it was purchased at a cattle auction.

Cattle experts identified the animal as a Corriente, a breed of cattle that can survive on little food and water and thrives in the desert.

Ahwatukee residents first called police in late June about the striking-looking heifer, which is black, muscular and has horns that made some think it was a bull or steer. It was wandering through a residential neighborhood, eating grass and sipping water from fountains.


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