He wants his job back!

airplane He wants his job back!


Steven Slater is in the news again.  He’s the JetBlue flight attendant who quit his job by cursing out a passenger, grabbing a couple of beers and  using the emergency chute to exit the plane. 

NOW, he wants his job BACK!  Apparently, he has always enjoyed working for JetBlue as a flight attendant.
I guess he was just having a bad day.
Would YOU let him keep his job???
Tom and Maria say NO!


One Comment

  1. Dena Lacroix says:

    yes I would. The passenger was at fault here and not a single thing happened to them. I think that is very unjust!!!!

  2. Yvonne LaCour says:

    NOPE! That jerk should NOT get his job back and NO OTHER AIRLINE should hire him. Like my momma always said, “You make your bed, you gotta lie in it!”
    He made his decision – he quit – now he regrets his childish tirade? whatever! grow up punk and go back to school and get some anger management courses under your belt.

  3. michelle pickle says:

    tom and maria l say no too after what he did that was very dumb but it was very funny . michelle

  4. Mary says:

    No he should not get his job back. He could have handled his frustration in a much more dignified way.

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