paulandmick Forget UFC, this is a fight!

UFC: McCartney vs. Jagger

Are you a fan of the UFC?  Everywhere I went Saturday night, there were throngs of people hunkered around a TV watching the fight.  Well, forget that!  UFC is for wimps.  The REAL fight is the matchup of [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] vs. [lastfm]The Rolling Stones[/lastfm].  It’s 1964 all over again, as the British invaders are at each other’s throats!  

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Sir Paul McCartney is facing competition from band The Rolling Stones to headline the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

Both are vying for the headlining spot at the concert that will launch the London event and after both playing at the American Super Bowl it could be close as to who gets it.

A source said to UK newspaper Daily Star Sunday: ‘The 2012 Olympics opening ceremony is going to be spectacular. It has to be to kick off the event in great British style.

‘Everyone wants to be a part of this historical happening and what is great for us is The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney are interested in playing.

‘They both have an outstanding catalogue of hit after hit that everyone across the world knows. The Stones and McCartney can easily carry off something of this magnitude on the world stage.

‘We’re looking at the American Super Bowl’s half-time show – which they have played at – as the kind of thing we’re going for with the opening ceremony. It would be great to have both but there can only be one headliner.’

  1. Linda says:

    No contest! McCartney hands down!

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