cell phones Check Them At The Door

Technology Stew

Just like “The Old West” when rowdy cowboys were required to “Check their guns at the door,” today’s new communications technology (Cell Phones, I-Phones, Blackberries, Blueberries & Droids) requires action at home!

Have you noticed how many people, young and old, are connected to their technology devices like a third hand has suddenly grown onto their arm.  Perhaps you have observed while attempting to talk with them in normal conversation, their head is down and the thumbs are clicking away to “chat, text & tweet away” with someone else. 

I say ENOUGH!  I have taken a page from the history books of the old western saloon and mounted a rack by the front door with a sign that says “check them at the door.”  Now, we can talk, eat, laugh and enjoy our time together without interruption.  One side effect has been that the kids still come over to eat…but, they don’t stay as long as they used to!  As long as they bring the grandkids that’s OK!  Give it a try partner!


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