shark week Shark Week   Shark MythsMaria and Tom are BIG fans of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  Today they found five myths about shark that they will BUST.

1. Sharks will ALWAYS attack humans.
2. Sharks are idiots.
3. Sharks follow their noses.
4.  Sharks will eat ANYTHING.
5.  Sharks can’t get cancer.

1. Sharks will ALWAYS attack humans:  Just because you see a shark, there’s no guarantee it’s going to go all “JAWS” on you.  If sharks have access to their usual prey,like seals, they will usually leave humans alone.

2. Sharks are idiots:  Sharks are some of the smartest predators in the animal kingdom.  They have about a 50% success rate at killing prey…that’s higher than lions.

3. Sharks follow their noses:  Sharks do use their sense of smell, but many species also have really good eyesight and hearing.  AND they also have an extra sense that detects the electrical fields that all living things give off.

4.  Sharks will eat ANYTHING:  Most sharks like to stick to their favorite foods and not get too creative.  For Great Whites, that’s seals during the winter, and fish, rays and other smaller sharks in the spring.

5.  Sharks can’t get cancer:  This myth comes from the people who sell “shark cartilage” pills, saying that they might cure cancer because sharks are cancer-free.  Cancer in sharks is VERY rare, but possible.


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