Bacteria Banter

Put on your mask!!!

Are you the type who carries a bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go?  Do you avoid door handles?  Do you flush public toilets with your foot?  (That is IF you even USE public restrooms!)  You, my friend, are a germaphobe.  And, won’t you be surprised to find out that a personal item of yours – which you carry EVERYWHERE – has more bacteria than ANY of the afforementioned items?  Oh no!  Oh YES.  Read on…

Show of hands…who is carrying a cell phone?  Oh look…your hand is ridden with bacteria!  That is from your phone.

A recent study found cell phones to carry nearly 18 times more living bacteria than the toilet handle in a men’s restroom!  30 phones were swabbed and analyzed for the study.  7 of the 30 had warning or high levels of environmental bacteria.  One had bacteria levels high enough to give the user stomach troubles!

You’re a carrier!  And, you’re a deliverer – if you hand your phone to someone else when showing those cute pics of your kids and grandkids.

Arm yourself with the alcohol wipes!  Don’t they smell great?

Are you ready for the bad news?  LOL…yeah.  That wasn’t it.  According to, the cell phone is only the 4th dirtiest everyday object.  Any guesses on the top 3?



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