A 10-Year-Old Boy In Arizona Is Making A Handwritten Card For All 180,000 Troops Overseas!


thank you A 10 Year Old Boy In Arizona Is Making A Handwritten Card For All 180,000 Troops Overseas!

Thank You

Stephen Goodman is a 10-year-old in Surprise, Arizona.  And he’s spending his summer vacation SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS . . . literally, every single one of our troops.  Click More to hear the story & see a video.

Stephen decided that he wanted to make a handwritten greeting card for every single one of the 180,000 American servicemen and women who are still overseas.

–He says, quote, “I’m just doing it to make them feel good.  Because it’s not like anyone ever thanks them . . . maybe a couple people do, so I just wanted to change that and make it one person higher.”

–He’s cutting construction paper, putting on stickers, tying on ribbon, and writing messages like “Thank you for serving our country” or “You’re giving us freedom” in every single one of the cards.

–He’s getting help from his grandfather, a guy named Manuel Noriega.  (–NOT the Panamanian dictator, by the way.)

 –Manuel served in Vietnam and says, quote, “What he’s doing right now, the troops will sure feel real good just receiving something, knowing somebody here cares about them.  We never got nothing like this.”

–It looks like it’s going to take the entire summer for Stephen and Manuel to finish all 180,000 cards.  Here’s a link to a story done by our own Fox 10 channel…


One Comment

  1. Kathleen Daniels says:

    You great a wonderful kid! Thank you for all you and your Grandpa are doing! If you want to continue doing good things for the Veteran’s please try to join a junior VFW … you would be a great asset to this organization…. I am in the SCW Ladies Auxiliary Post 10695 and I know our Post would love to work with you!

  2. Donna R says:

    Stephen~ What a great idea! If you would like some supplies I would be honored to donate some to you!

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