Faster and cheaper.

Cowboys Stadium Concessions Faster and cheaper.

Tired of long lines for expensive food?

Ahh, two of my favorite words!  Especially when we’re talking about  food and beverage at sporting events.  “Faster and cheaper” is the promise being made by one of our major sports teams.  Know which one?  Read on…

It’s the Arizona Cardinals!  Starting with the next pre-season on August 14th, the team will be taking over food operations at University of Phoenix Stadium.  They won a contract this year to bring it back from a national outfit.  Along with the new regime comes a new menu…with new prices.  Officials promise cheaper food, faster service and better quality.

Arizona%20Cardinals Faster and cheaper.Don’t get your hopes up too high, though.  COO Ron Minegar says, “We all know this is not going to be like going to In-N-Out Burger.”  There is, however, a faster servicegoal of 1 minute per customer.

I must say, thank God it’s not like In-N-Out Burger!  As much as I enjoy their food, anytime I go there after 9pm, the drive-thru line is a mile long.  They’re always very polite, but I could grill burgers in the time it takes me to get through that line!

Sooooo, do all these changes include beer?  That’s really what the drunken tailgaters need…cheaper beer – faster! 


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