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Mickey Dolenz

[lastfm]Mickey Dolenz[/lastfm] (of [lastfm]Monkees[/lastfm] fame) has signed-on to join the cast of Sy-Fy network’s “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.”  Before you ask, I’ll tell you.  It’s an original movie Sy-Fy is shooting later this year.  It also stars two icons of 1980’s music.  Can you guess?  Hint: they’re both women, and they were rivals back in the day.  Click more for the answer…

Answer: [lastfm]Debbie Gibson[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Tiffany[/lastfm]!  “Mega Python vs Gatoroid” is being directed by Mary Lambert, who also directed “Pet Semetary.”  I hear there’s a swamp fight between the two girls as well.  Not sure what role Mickey will play.  But, if he gets to be on set during that scene – I AM JEALOUS.


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