Check Out Our New Radio Player!

radio playerblog kool Check Out Our New Radio Player!

Your listening experience is about to get a whole lot better, as today we’re launching a brand-new version of our online music player!

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This new player takes your online music experience to a whole new level, offering a chance to listen, learn, discover, and even build your own music profile through its integration with Kick off your experience at, then explore a world of more than 600 professionally programmed over-the-air and interactive stations from CBS RADIO as well as AOL Radio and Yahoo! Music Radio. Virtually every genre of music is covered, not to mention more than three dozen news, talk and sports stations.

Updates include:

▪ Artist information, biography, photo galleries, touring status, and a list of similar artists listeners might like all powered by

▪ Recent blog posts, news feeds, and video and audio clips from every radio station, with links back to the originating website

▪ The option to share artists and stations with friends via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, and email

▪ The ability to track your listening habits through scrobbling, the proprietary technology pioneered by With a simple download of the Scrobbler Software you can see what artists you listen to the most and get even more recommendations

▪ And speaking of, we’re also unveiling Trends, building stories around data (including the week’s Top Tracks and Most Popular Artists, who’s up and coming on the Hype Charts, and more)

Our updated radio player represents an exciting new listening experience that allows a whole lot more interaction with the station, and the music, that you already love.

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One Comment

  1. John Sandillo says:

    ever since you changed to this new program I’ve had nothing but problems logging on. It keep searching and seaching then it says oops were having trouble finding that station, find another station. I do want to find another station, I’ve been listening to you for over 30 years. Please look into this issue and get it resolved. thanks.

  2. Agnes says:

    Let Us all Thank Our Lord for the Peace Praise the Lord the God

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