azmonsoonnearquartziteaz1976cdouglasstockdaleondouglasstockdaledotcom Have you ever seen the rain?Last week, the “weather wackos” told us we’d most-likely see rain over the weekend.  On Friday, I heard from a listener in Apache Junction who said it was pouring there.  On my drive home from downtown Phoenix to Peoria Friday evening, I saw all sorts of clouds.  In the far distance, it appeared to be raining.  But, it NEVER rained where I was!  Not Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Click more, leave a comment…tell me where you are and if you saw rain over the weekend.  I need to track this!  WHERE ARE THE MONSOONS???

  1. Cheryl says:

    I never saw a drop either, here in Sun City West. I heard there was rain not far away, but zippo here.

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