P1 SpeedCameras 2.4 WEB Slow the tempo in Tempe!

Tempe's Terror!

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”  That’s the quote from a Redflex Speed Cam in Tempe who would prefer to remain anonymous 😉  While Arizona is losing these cameras as a state, that doesn’t mean individual cities will lose theirs.  Tempe is one example.

In May, I blogged about the AZDPS contract with Redflex Traffic Systems ending on July 15th.  That’s the date the speed cameras will be turned off.  Well, make that “MOST of the speed cameras will be turned off.”  On Thursday, the Tempe City Council approved the speed cam budget for another year!

While the statewide fines went into a fun controlled by the Arizona Legislature, a bulk of this money goes directly to Tempe.  Using that logic, if you are a resident, speed for your community!  If not, sloooooooow down.  (Kidding, of course…on the speeding part – not the slowing down part.)


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