Kookaburra Kopykats

downunder2 Kookaburra KopykatsRemember [lastfm]Men At Work[/lastfm]?  No, not the awful movie with Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez.  I’m talking about the Australian band who introduced most Americans to Vegamite in 1983 with their song, “Down Under.”  They were JUST ordered to pay 5% of the song’s royalties to Larriken Music.  That’s the publishing company that holds the copyright to the children’s song, “Kookaburra.”  Wanna hear why?  It’s SO obvious!  Click more…

I’ve isolated the copyright infringement here:

Come on!  Did we really need a judge to tell us this was a ripoff?  I know one boy (me) who called it instantly in 1983!  And, I was just a kid.

You’re probably wondering exactly how much money makes up 5% of royalties for a 27 year old hit song.  Oh, by the way, did I mention it spent FOUR weeks at #1?

numberone Kookaburra Kopykats

Good thing for Men At Work, the group was only ordered to pay the royalties earned from the song since 2002 and its future earnings.  Phew…saved 20 years of dough!  It’s an even better deal, considering Larriken Music wanted 60%!!!  But, it’s not good enough for EMI Songs Australia, who plans to continue with its appeal of the ruling.

Hey, we ALL remember the video…right?  I’ve always wondered…what’s with the shoe at 2:15?


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