If You’re Sick Of Being Put On Hold By Customer Service, There’s A Service That’ll Wait For You

customer service If Youre Sick Of Being Put On Hold By Customer Service, Theres A Service Thatll Wait For You
Customer Service

Customer service is one of those things like air travel:  It’s actually getting WORSE as time goes one.  It’s 2010, and it still takes FOREVER to get a real human being on the line when you call customer service.  If you’re sick of waiting on hold . . . say, to find out why you’ve been charged hidden fees . . .  there’s a new service that’ll wait for you.  It’s called LucyPhone, and it was started in March.  Here’s how it works:

Go to LucyPhone.com, type in the customer service number you want to reach, and type in your own number.  ‘Lucy’ calls the number, then calls you, to patch you in.  Then, unfortunately, you still have to navigate through the company’s annoying phone menu. But once you get to the part where you’re inevitably put on hold, YOU disconnect, and the service waits on hold for you.  Once you get a real person on the line, Lucy calls you back immediately to connect you with the customer service rep.  Here’s the catch:  When the customer service rep finally picks up, THEY get a recorded message.  It’s from LucyPhone, telling them to press 1, to be connected with you.  And let’s face it, the customer service agent might hang up on YOU at that point.  But so far, LucyPhone says less than 10% of their users have had an agent hang up on them.  When it does happen, they’re telling users to bombard companies on Twitter, so that they’ll be cool with the concept.  


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