wwlogotv Wonder Woman Re Do!?In the latest issue of “Wonder Woman,” Diana Prince undergoes some drastic alterations.  She was due!  What woman only wears one outfit for 60-plus years.  Her original outfit was the American flag brought to life.  She will still have her bullet-deflecting Bracelets of Victory and the Lasso of Truth.  yeah!
Check out the new duds.

wonderwoman Wonder Woman Re Do!?

Wonder Woman’s costume has been changed on at least two occasions prior to this. During the ’60s, Diana renounced her powers and wore a mod-inspired outfit for a few years and in the ’90s, and she briefly donned a black leather outfit when another Amazon named Artemis usurped her role as Wonder Woman. After both times, Diana returned to her classic Wonder Woman outfit.

“Wonder Woman # 600” is out in comic stores today.

Tom and Maria say…If  Wonder Woman gets a makeover who ELSE needs a re-do?

  1. J.R. LeMar says:

    Superman could use a slight update. He needs to ditch the red trunks.

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