The first summer blockbuster hit movie screens 35 years ago this month

It grossed over $470 million 1975 dollars, making it the highest grossing movie until Star Wars came along two years later.  (then Titanic, then Avitar) It was a movie that was clever, had a great cast in unforgettable performances, wonderful cinematography, an instantly recognizable score, and the film was scary as hell.  It’s one just a few horror movies to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.  And while a lot of current films will be out at the video stores or on Netflix, this is one that would be worth watching over the 4th of July weekend.  It to takes place in the summer.  It spawned a series of inferior sequels that are a total waste of time.  So what is it? Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.  Here’s the trailer, but don’t stop there.  Get it – rent it – watch it.  It holds up a lot better than the mechanical shark did.


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