toy story 3 02 Its Midnight.  Where are YOUR kids?After dinner last night, I got a wild hair up there and decided to see “Toy Story 3.”  SO, I headed over to Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18 for the 10pm showing.  I was one of about 9 people in the theater.  However, there were HUNDREDS standing in line.  Why, you might ask? Oh, I’m so glad you asked…

In a word, “Eclipse.”  That’s the latest in the “Twilight” movie series.  The premiere was last night at Midnight.  When I first pulled ito the parking lot, I could not figure out why the heck there were SO many cars there on a Tuesday night!  I had to park in the far end of the lot.  As I walked closer to the building, I heard the sound of giddy teenagers.  Not a few, but a few HUNDRED!  There was a line out the door and halfway around the building!  I’d never seen this many people in Peoria – outside of a typical shopping weekend at Arrowhead.  Good Lord, I hope they’re not ALL going to see Toy Story 3!  Thankfully, they were not.

I’ve never understood the fascination with vampires.  But, I am morbidly fascinated by Celebrity Death Trifectas.  So, I really have no room to judge.  It did appear to be 90% teenagers and 10% adults.  My parents would NEVER have allowed me to see a Midnight movie – Summer vacation or not!

Oh, for the record, Toy Story 3 was GREAT.  I never got  keeps around to seeing #2, but I did see the original in the theater.  Even after 15 years, I remembered the characters vividly.  That Disney Pixar animation is truly amazing!  Plus, the story is compelling to children and adults alike.  Oh, if you’re wondering, yes…I cried at the end.  GO SEE THIS MOVIE!


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