500px 2010 fifa world cup logo svg Futbol   er uh SOCCER in 3D!Sound your vuvuzelas!  On second thought…don’t.  Whether or not the American team goes all the way, you can catch the final game of the World Cup on a movie theater screen…in 3D!!!  Click more for all you need to know…

Yep.  The BIG game will be shown in 3D at the UltraStar Surprise Pointe 14 on July 11th!  This is very special, as only a small number of theaters are doing this across the country.  I must warn you, admission is $25 in advance.  $30 if you wait till the day of the game.  That’s a bit pricier than a flick!  But, I have seen SO many people come out of the woodwork as Soccer fans lately.  These are people I had NO idea even knew the game existed!

July 11th is a Sunday.  Game time is 11am.  Better get to church early!  CLICK HERE for tickets.


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