Dick Clark – yeah…I cried, too.

americanbandstand08a Dick Clark   yeah...I cried, too.Last night, I watched the Daytime Emmy Awards on CBS. Hey, I’ve been a fan of The Young And The Restless since 1980…and proud!  Everyone needs a little drama in their lives – as long as it’s not OUR drama.  Right?

They honored Dick Clark with live performances from many of the artists who appeared on American Bandstand over the years.  Let’s face it- Dick helped launch SO many careers!  Finally, Ryan Seacrest (yeah, he was THERE, too) handed the microphone to Dick.  I swear, since his stroke, it has been SO inspiring for me to watch Dick Clark speak.  He was so overwhelmed by the tribute, he started to cry.  I cried, too!  I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of this tribute.  Grab a Kleenex

Here’s a montage of clips from American Bandstand:


And, here are the celebrity tributes…along with Dick’s emotional response:



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