iPhone4HD New iPhone.  Do you care?Technology sure is amazing, isn’t it?  Unlike today’s kids, I remember a time BEFORE the internet and cell phones.  If you wanted information, you went to the library.  Or, if you had some dough, you bought encyclopedias.  (Proud owner of the World Book 1982 set here!)  If you needed to call someone, you went to your desk or wall, picked up the corded phone and DIALED.  Remember dials?  Zeros took forever!  Now, I can accomplish all these tasks in the palm of my hands…anywhere I go.

Yesterday, the new iPhone 4 was released.  But, with technology comes hurdles.  Read on and take my poll…

There were hundreds and hundreds of Valley residents waiting in line yesterday for the iPhone 4.  Some reserved the phone, some didn’t.  Either way, you had to blow off a day to get it!  Apple was expected to sell a record 1 million iPhones on Thursday alone!  Were there enough to go around?  NOPE!

For those who DID get the iPhone 4 after waiting for hours, they found out…it has issues.  Well, that’s only if you consider not being able to make a call “an issue.”  It seems if you grip the phone in the lower left corner, your hand may block the built-in antenna strip.  That means dropped calls or no calls at all!

For the record, I am a Motorola Droid owner.  SO, believe me, I am a believer in technology!  But, I will say this: my corded wall phone never disconnected when I held it.  That only happened when I hung up – or forget to pay the bill!



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