michaels kids 6 23 10 How are Michael Jacksons kids spending today?

God bless Grandmother Katherine – they’re far away from the media circus at a place you’d probably take your own kids under the circumstances.

While the world trips over itself with Michael Jackson honors and tributes, his three  children have been sheltered from the media lights and treated to a day of fun in the sun earlier this week by Katherine.  They were spotted with security and other family members at the Jackson getaway in Maui.  All have been privatly coping with the loss, but Paris seems to have had the most trouble dealing with it.  A source close to the family has been quited as saying: “Early on, Paris didn’t think she sould live without her father and didn’t know how she was going to function.  But Katherine has been so supportive of her that Paris is much better  All the children have come a long way.  They are much more open and playful.  They have matured.”

Tonight, they are scheduled to head to the Jackson’s hometown in Gary, Indiana, where Katherine is expected to reveal a large monument of Michael outside of the home where the family grew up almost 50 years ago.

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  1. michelle pickle says:

    michael jackson :s kids are doing better now l know they will be fine michelle

    1. sounds to me like Katherine is taking very good care of them. Thanks for the comment.

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