ozonealertlogo175pixelswide Oh NO zone alert todayAs I write this blog at 10:35am, it’s already over 100 degrees in Phoenix.  Today will most-likely be the hottest day of the year so far.  Though, the next few most-likely won’t top it.  There’s an Ozone Alert issued today.  Or, as I like to call it, an “Oh NO-Zone Alert!”  

Here’s the part that makes me chuckle.  There are prohibitions on residents and businesses: NO burning wood in fireplaces, wood stoves or outdoor fire pits!  I mean, who the heck is gonna light their fireplace or fire pit today?  It’s 112 degrees!  Are we nuts?  Well, nevermind.  Don’t answer that!

Officials also recommend that children and adults with respiratory problems avoid outdoor activities after Noon today. Everyone should limit outdoor activity during the afternoon. That’s when ozone concentrations will peak.

While Ma Nature heats things up, we’ll keep it KOOL!  Thanks for listening…and reading 🙂


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