Your car = roving billboard

colors license plate Your car = roving billboardI thought it was weird when license plates went from indented metal to computer printed plastic. What do all the prisoners do now??? We kept them busy – and out of trouble – hammering the plates! Now, California may take it another step…with DIGITAL license plates. Why? MONEY! In California, cars could soon become roving billboards…

Imagine pulling up to a red light or stop sign, or even sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Along with the big billboards on the side of the highway, there would ALSO be a small 12″ x 6″ billboard in front of your face. That’s right. These electronic license plates would become billboards if your car is stopped for more than four seconds!!!

Go ahead…ask how much money you’d make from these ads. (Pausing for your question.) I’m so glad you asked! Your cut would be ZERO PERCENT. But, hey…there IS a public service. In emergencies, the plates could be used to broadcast Amber Alerts or traffic information. Almost makes you forget how much California would make from YOUR car, right? ALMOST.


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