donna simpson The Anti Diet?This is all sorts of wrong. There are problems written all over this! A woman in New Jersey wants to get in the Guinness Book of World Records…as the world’s HEAVIEST woman! She’s already over 600 pounds. But, that just isn’t enough. Do you see where this is going???

Her goal: 1,000 pounds. Yes, I said “goal.” While the rest of the world strives to shed pounds, she wants to GAIN them. A Guinness spokeswoman said the woman has submitted a claim for the title of world’s heaviest woman to give birth. That is currently being reviewed. But, it’s not enough for her. Apparently, she spends as much as $750 a week on groceries, suffers from Type 2 diabetes and struggles with basic tasks such as cooking and taking a shower. Albeit, she claims to be “very healthy.” Well well well, what harm could another 400 pounds cause…right? YIKES!!!

Wanna be thoroughly disgusted? CLICK HERE for the story (with video) from MSNBC.

Oh, and before the hate mail starts pouring in…I am not disgusted that she is overweight. I am disgusted that she feels the need to put her health and life in jeopardy for a spot in a record book.


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