Disneys Mickey Mouse Party Pinata Nobodys taking a bat to Mickey Mouse!Apparantly, we’re not only keeping immigrants out of Arizona.  We’re keeping Disney pinatas out, as well!  I thought this story was kinda funny, as I am picturing a bunch of kids swinging bats at Mickey and Minnie.  We can’t have that!!!  No sir, we cannot.

(From the Associated Press)

DOUGLAS – It was no fiesta on the Arizona-Mexico border for the driver of a shipment of piñatas that looked like Disney characters.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Rob Daniels says officers at the Douglas port of entry stopped a tractor-trailer coming from Mexico for further inspection on Friday.

Officers found the tractor-trailer was loaded with papier-mache items, including 108 piñatas in the likeness of Disney characters on their way to Thornton, Colo.

Officers seized the shipment for violation of intellectual property rights.

Assistant port Director Eli Villareal says the piñatas may seem innocent, but shipments of illegal merchandise on a national scale can undermine the U.S. economy and “is a vital element in national security.”


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