detroit We produce BETTER cars?It may seem hard to believe with all the recent auto “snafus.”  (Boy, is THAT an understatement!)  But, according to the 2010 Initial Quality Study from JD Power & Associates, foreign cars break down MORE than American cars!  Who’da thunk???

According to the study, the average foreign car brand had 109 problems per 100 vehicles.  The average American car brand had 108 problems per 100.  While we’re ranked higher, it’s still a sad state of affairs.  If you buy a new car, you’re almost guaranteed there WILL be problems.

That ranking is in general – over all brands.  Interested in the highest quality SPECIFIC brand of car?  This would be the one to buy!  Start sifting through the sofa cushions for spare change.  Save up for a………………..PORSCHE.  (Sorry.)  Porsche was the most-reliable car brand in the 2010 study, with just 83 problems per 100 cars sold.  Here’s the full list:

2010iqs1 We produce BETTER cars?

Click for a closer look.



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