az republic Im kind of a big deal around here (NOT REALLY)Imagine my surprise when I read yesterday’s Arizona Republic and saw myself in the paper!  Well, OK…I didn’t really SEE myself.  It wasn’t even my name.  But, I was definitely mentioned.  And, it was NOT in a positive article!  Take a look…

KOOL listener Joe Hutchinson of Glendale isn’t too happy with me.  Before you read his letter from the “Opinions” section, let me tell you that I am NOT a certified meteorologist.  If I were, this could all have been avoided!

When it’s hot, don’t say it’s ‘warm’

Jun. 8, 2010 12:00 AM

When it comes to the weather, it never ceases to amaze me how reluctant the broadcast media are to use the term “hot.”

KOOL-FM (94.5) has a noontime host who moved to the Valley only a few months ago. Yet Thursday, he forecast that the weekend weather would be “warm.” Then Saturday, as the car’s air-conditioning was blasting away, the host at the Peak, KPKX-FM (98.7), stated it was “warm.”

Although we had the best spring I can recall with only one day above 100, the Valley is hotter than ever. The concrete, blacktop and lack of trees have resulted in a climate that is noticeably worse since the 1960s and ’70s.

It’s time the media learn that the public is fed up with the media’s liberal bias and should start reporting not just news but the weather in a fair and believable manner.

When temperatures reach beyond the forecast 110 degrees and people actually die of the heat, using the term “hot” is not an overstatement but an obvious fact.

Joe P. Hutchinson, Glendale

Wow!  I never realized how angry my forecasts made people.  I’ll be honest.  This IS my first Summer in Phoenix.  My natural reaction would be to say, “Holy crap!  It’s gonna be 110 this weekend!  HELP!!!”  But, I didn’t wanna look like the out-of-town rube who goes into cardiac arrest everytime the mercury rises above 100.  So, I’ve been a bit more casual about it.  Am I wrong?  I can take it.  Leave a comment below.

Maybe I took the wrong stance.  Or, maybe Joe just had a bad day.  Either way, Joe…THANKS FOR KEEPING IT KOOL!  Or, HOT…if you prefer 😉



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