You can SUE for bad directions?

google map logo You can SUE for bad directions?If I knew it was acceptable to sue for bad directions, I’d be a rich man!  A LOST man…but rich 😉  I guess suing the guy at the gas station wouldn’t be profitable.  SO, why not sue GOOGLE?  Someone IS!

Lauren Rosenberg filed a lawsuit in Utah on Thursday for over $100,000 in damages.  She also named a driver.  You see, she was hit!

Rosenberg used Google Maps on her phone to download walking directions across Park City.  Google took her to a four-lane boulevard WITHOUT sidewalks.  According to the lawsuit, it was “not reasonably safe for pedestrians.”  It was dark, and she was hit by a car, receiving multiple bone fractures.

This is where the semi-intelligent person (myself included) says, “Whoa!  Why would you walk down a busy street with no sidewalks?  Who cares WHAT Google tells you?  USE COMMON SENSE!”  Her lawyer disagrees.  Of course he does.

“We think there’s enough fault to go around, but Google had some responsibility to direct people correctly or warn them,” Attorney Allen Young said. “They created a trap with walking instructions that people rely on. She relied on it and thought she should cross the street.”

Rosenberg is seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages and punitive damages.  A Google spokesperson said the company had not received a copy of the lawsuit and couldn’t discuss it.  However, she says that Google Maps provides ample warning that walking routes may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths!  Every software version for desktop computers and mobile devices has had that disclaimer since Google Maps was launched in 2008, she said.

If I may opine, I hope Google tells Ms. Rosenberg where to go…again 😉


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