Tragedy Touches Temptations again

temptations 2004 Tragedy Touches Temptations again

Four of the five original Temptations died young.  Sunday night they lost another member at age 58.

temptations ali ollie woodson Tragedy Touches Temptations again

Ali-Ollie Woodson joined the group in 1984  replacing Dennis Edwards who had replaced original lead singer Davis Ruffin.  Cancer forced him to leave the group in 1996 and finally silenced him forever this past Sunday night.

Original Temp member Paul Williams committed suicide at age 34.  David Ruffin died of a drug overdose at age 50.  Eddie Kendricks died of cancer at age 52.  and Melvin Franklin died of heart failure at age 52


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  1. T. Tillman says:

    It’s truely a tragedy, for one of the all time greats. Ollie Woodson, had one of thee best voices in this time, of this generation. A long with all the other amazing talent, the tempations had. It’s like we’re lossing, all the great old school artist to soon. Rest in peace Ollie Woodson, you were one of the best.

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